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digitization of cultural heritage
European projects
CEF Telecom financing program
Western Balkans

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Butigan Vučaj, T. (2019). Europeana for Us: Transforming the Western Balkan With Culture. BOSNIACA, 24(24), 55–59.


Europeana is the largest investment and project of the European Union when it comes to digitalization of cultural heritage. Although firmly connected to the European Union, Europeana is open to the non-EU part of Europe as well as to other continents, in an attempt to present as fully as possible a digital replica of the culture of the old continent. Serbia’s experience in cooperation with Europeana has been recognized as a successful story and this paper could inspire other Western Balkan countries to be more active, and besides the benefits for institutions and individuals, it is obvious that it could fill the gaps when it comes to European cultural heritage.
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