The Written Word and Libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina Until the 20th Century


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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Ovčina, I. (2019). The Written Word and Libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina Until the 20th Century. BOSNIACA, 24(24), 82–87.


The cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina in all its aspects and in any time or period testifies to the complexity of life on this ground. The paper presents the flow of the written word and creation of the libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will see that exactly in the domain of writing systems and books, better than in any other medium, the presence of certain influential sphere, as well as the original creative spirit of the people of this country is recognized. In our country, four writing systems were used in the Middle Ages. These were Greek and Latin writing systems, as well as Glagolitic and Cyrillic script. The reason for this curiosity is encounter of different civilizations that have also evolved here. Also, this kind of example of use of different writing systems in a small region is unique. Through the writing systems and books, we come to occurrence of the first libraries in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. As well as the books are one of the essential elements for spreading literacy, libraries are one of the most important means to facilitate that expansion and that book can reach their readers. Libraries and library science in Bosnia and Herzegovina have passed through various phases but they have stayed true to their function throughout the centuries, to the development of culture, to the mass education and to the science. Libraries were and still are the pillar of civilization.
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