Project BIBLIOLAB of University Library Rijeka - University Campus Division


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University of Rijeka
information literacy
user education
higher education
bibliometric research
scientific productivity
university ranking

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Cuculić, S., & Krišković Baždarić, J. (2019). Project BIBLIOLAB of University Library Rijeka - University Campus Division. BOSNIACA, 24(24), 107–111.


With the development of digital technologies and information tools, the role of modern University libraries and Libraries within the University in conducting information literacy education has become indispens - able among the student and teaching population. Libraries in accordance with user needs and interests are developing educational content and conducting information literacy workshops. Quantitative methods of evaluating scholars based on bibliometric analysis in citation databases, as well as evaluating and ranking Universities on world rankings, are topics that have not bypassed the business of University and higher edu - cation libraries and as such need to be adapted and included in the information literacy education program. The aim of this paper is to illustrate with the example of the BiblioLab project of Campus division of the University Library of Rijeka, how a University or higher education library can participate in supporting the use of digital content and modern information tools, in order to increase scientific productivity, visibility and impact of scientific work, scientists and institutions. In addition to a brief description of the workshops, the paper will outline the reasons for selecting topics and the realization of each individual workshop.
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