Academic Libraries in the System of Scientific Communication


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Khattab, D., & Hajdarpašić, L. (2019). Academic Libraries in the System of Scientific Communication. BOSNIACA, 24(24), 48–54.


Collecting, processing, storing, preserving and disseminating scientific products of academic staff are essential for building the prestige of a university, especially bearing in mind that scientific publications have always been used as a means of evaluating the work of scientists. This paper argues for the need to involve academic libraries in the implementation of various university publishing programs oriented towards promotion or increasing the visibility of the results of academic research at the international level. Although librarians in academic libraries have the experience of collaborating in various publishing programs, such as e-journal publishing programs, conference proceedings, or technical reports, this paper will focus on the need for improving and adopting new roles for the needs of maturing and professionalizing of this prevalent activity. In this regard, this paper focuses on the important role of academic libraries in university publishing programs, highlighting two basic ways in which libraries contribute to these processes, as publishers and in supporting university publishing, emphasizing the benefits of including academic libraries in developing university publishing strategies. This paper focuses on the lack of discussions in the BIH scientific and professional literature about the importance of publishing in academic libraries, which from an economic point of view is indisputably important as a new source of funding on campus, which strengthens the financial independence of the university, especially in the period of establishing an effective science and innovation management strategy and encouraging excellence and relevance of scientific research. Drawing on the experience of academic libraries in the use and dissemination of scientific information within the scientific communication system, the paper concludes that effective positioning of the academic libraries in the publishing of scientific information can broaden and diversify the university’s publishing activities, especially in the context of open access initiatives (OA) and open science principles (OS).
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