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Crowdsourcing Serbia: People’s wisdom for better libraries

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Ćuković, L. (2019). Crowdsourcing – Multitude Energy. BOSNIACA, 24(24), 120–123.


Crowdsourcing is a new approach in the work, and refers to the active participation of users in designing content on the Internet. Social network users are creators, and are able to upload their sources and information online. By integrating the creative energy of online library communities, they improve the quality of data sources (e.g. text or cataloguing updates), resulting in more accurate search and enabling value to be added to data (e.g. by inserting comments, tags, ratings, reviews). By the venture Crowdsourcing Serbia: The National Wisdom for Better Libraries of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the volunteers base is expanding by collaboration on the project, as well as the scope of project work by adding a plural noun module. All interested parties can participate in the development of the National Grammar Digital Dictionary of the Serbian language in an open acess and use the results of its production so far at:
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