Primjena mikrofilma u biblioteci

Sonja Polimac


Mikrograflja je jedna od modernijih tehnika koja se naročito koristi u procesu rukovođenja i arhiviranja. Ovaj oblik reprograflje se sve više primjenjuje i u bibliotekama. Mikrofilm ima poseban značaj u sistemu zaštite bibliotečke građe i u funkcionisanju bibliotečko-informacionog sitema.


Microfilm in Library

Micrograph is one of the modern techniques which is used in the process of managing and archiving. This type of reprography is now more frequently use in libraries. Microfilm has a special importance in protection of library materials and functioning of library-information system.

Accomplishments in photographic technology caused development of microfilm which today is present in all areas of human’s work. The most widely accepted term ”micrograph” presents all activities connected to microfilm. Micrograph is the activity which memorize data and information in analogue and decrease form on the film using optical and chemical techniques. In this way customers can use data and information with a special machines.

Micrograph is researched by the organizational science ; but the microfilm, as a media, is a subject of information science.

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