Edukacija u oblasti bibliotekarstva i arhivistike u reformi univerzitetske nastave i Bolonjski proces

Enes Kujundžić


U članku se nastoji predstaviti stanje bibliotečkog obrazovanja na univerzitetskoj razini u Bosni i Hercegovini u kontekstu predviđenih reformi poznatih pod nazivom Bolonjski proces.


Education of librarians and archivists in the university teaching reform and Bologna Process

In this article an attempt is made to examine the present situation of Librarianship education on the University level in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the context of the reforms envisioned within the so called Bologna process. Particular attention is paid to the ongoing curricula changes carried out in the neighboring Croatia and Serbia. For the school year 2005/2006 substantial innovation of educating Library and Information Science Professionals on undergraduate and postgraduate level has been introduced in the Department of Comparative Literature and Librarianship at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. However, at present Faculty administration has not addressed the crucial issue of inadequate number of qualified teaching staff needed for implementation of the new curricula.

Author argues for the need to have sufficient qualified staff in the Faculty departments concerned if innovation of Librarianship education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to take place. This is particularly relevant for the postgraduate level education which is being introduced within the effort to implement the provisions of the Bologna declaration.


Bibliotečko obrazovanje; informacijska znanost; program reforme; Bolonjski proces; Librarianship education; Information Science; Curricula reform; Bologna process

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