Državna štamparija, službene i poluslužbene novine Bosne i Hercegovine od 1866. do 2006. godine

Mujo Koštić


Službene novine Bosne i Hercegovine postoje već 140 godina. U nekim periodima bosanske historije one su bile i jedino sredstvo informisanja. Kako su u njima često objavljivani književni i drugi umjetnički tekstovi i prilozi, službene novine pružaju značajne podatke iz privredne, političke i kultume historije Bosne i Hercegovine od XIX do sredine XX stoljeća.


State Printing office, official and semiofficial gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina : since 1866 to 2006

Official gazette in Bosnia andHerzegovina exist for over 140 years. Although the official gazettes are usually and published, as it was the case with the gazette in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the specific purpose and concept in mind (to publish the official acts ofthe state - constitution, laws, appointments and transfer of the military and civil servants and official acts by the local authorities), they also served as the means of informing the public. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, they presented something more as they were sometimes the only means of information during longer periods of time. The printing office and official printing also helped the development of the joumalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was one of the foundations of the culture and education in the entire country. In addition, the pages of the papers Bosna from 1866, Neretva from 1876, Bosansko-Hercegovačke novine (Sarajevski list) from 1878, Narodno jedinstvo from 1918 and Službeni list Federalne Bosne i Hercegovine from 1945, to pages of Službeni glasnik Bosne i Hercegovine from 2006, introduce to us the emperors, valis, pashas, premiers, parlamentarians, military and civil chiefs, reis-ul-u/emas, archbishops, metropolitans, ministers, mayors, bankers, school principals, educators and doctors who were the leaders of their time. They also introduce to us their works - consitutions, laws, decrees, directives, book of rules, agreements, budgets, statutes, school curriculums, educational norms and other legal and sub-legal acts. They speak volumes of the continuity of the state and continuity of the legal institutions and legal system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the time of the Ottomans through today. The official gazettes also follow the political, social, economic, cultural, health and other aspects of the life and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of this has made the official gazettes and the entire production of the state printing office, an inexhaustible and first grade historical source for recording the history ofBosnia and Herzegovina from the middle of XIX through XX century.


državna štamparija; službene novine; udžbenici, zakoni; Printing office; official gazette; schoolbook; laws


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