About the Journal

BOSNIACA is the journal of the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina
that is published annually and includes original professional and scientific works,
systematized materials significant for the renovation of the National and University Library of
Bosnia and Herzegovina collections and library science in general.

The journal continuously presents scientifically based, local and global, library and
information relevance and issues, monitors, in scientific connotation, the implications of
technological development on library and information activities, and with special pleasure and
interest promote the documentary heritage of national and cultural importance for Bosnia and
Herzegovina. Also, the journal shows a strong sensibility to promote a variety of themes in
humanities that contribute to a better understanding of information science in general.
Bosniaca publishes articles in the field of library science, information science, humanities,
and social sciences. Thematic blocks are Library-Information System, Documentary Heritage,
Information and Services in the New Technological Environment, and Reviews and

With its recognizable quality and uniqueness, the journal is the foundation of scientific
research in library and information science in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also a cultural
phenomenon of great importance for the preservation and development of the cultural heritage
of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Each article published in the journal, after editorial control, was subjected to scientific
valorization and categorization with the use of a double-blind peer review.