The Public Library “Bora Stanković” in Vranje and the COVID-19 Pandemic
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“Bora Stanković” Library
COVID-19 pandemic
Biblionet 2020
digital platforms
online classes
virtual libraries
mission and the future of librarianship

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Knežević, J. ., & Antić, N. . (2022). The Public Library “Bora Stanković” in Vranje and the COVID-19 Pandemic. BOSNIACA, 27(27), 24–34.


The previous year was marked by the challenges imposed by the covid-19 pandemic and epidemiological measures that significantly hindered the regular functioning of all segments of our life and work. Libraries around the world have closed their doors to limit virus transmission and preserve human health. What hasn’t stopped and shut down is finding ways to preserve users and provide key services. Librarians have strengthened and focused on their essential role of serving the public, acting responsibly and reinforcing their unwavering commitment to, more than ever, providing users with the infrastructure to openly access information, collections, and meet the new demands of their community. The aim of this paper is to look at the position and functioning of public libraries during the coronavirus pandemic, with special emphasis on the activities of the “Bora Stanković” Library in Vranje. Vranje librarians overcame the new challenges and, despite the unenviable situation, adjusted their programs to the “new normality”, continued to provide their services, and successfully implemented content, among which the most important is certainly the implementation of the Biblionet 2020 in our city.
PDF (BHS/English)
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