Peer review under the ethical lens: possible questions
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predatory publishers
article impact assessment
journal management
editorial roles

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Petrişor, A.-I. (2020). Peer review under the ethical lens: possible questions. BOSNIACA, 25(25), 183–197.


The pressure to publish and get cited along with the extensive use of citation metrics in individual career promotion, research funding and university ranking have radically changed the research ecosystem during the last few decades, favoring the rise of predatory journals. This phenomenon has shaken the very backbone of the system, represented by the peer review process. The present article builds up upon the recommendation for reviewers, including the ethical ones, and articles expressing some concerns related to the peer review in order not to answer, but merely ask several questions that could serve as the start point for a reform of the system. Overall, the role of peer review is not at stakes, but its intricate mechanisms need to adapt to the challenges of the new environment.
PDF (BHS/English)
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