Bibliographic Organisation of Continuing Resources


continuing resources
conceptual models
bibliographic organization

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Petrić, T. (2019). Bibliographic Organisation of Continuing Resources: Entity-Relationship Model or Object-Oriented Model?. BOSNIACA, 21(23), 33–47. Retrieved from


In her papers from 2014 and 2016 the author showed a model of bibliographic organization of continuing resources according to IFLA models FRBR, FRAD and FRSAD and the International Cataloguing Principles of 2009. During the time span of several years, the library community witnessed the appearance of the amended edition of the International Cataloguing Principles in 2016, as well as new IFLA conceptual models: PRESSoo for continuing resources (2017) and IFLA LRM model (2017). Using the methods of analysis and comparison of articles by theoreticians of information sciences E. Jones, P. Riva, P. Le Boeuf, author’s own research and the new conceptual models, the author will address the classification and position of continuing resources in the bibliographic universe in the new context. The research results will point to the current position of continuing resources in the bibliographic universe and the creation of acceptable solutions for bibliographic organization of continuing resources.
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