Standardization for Information and Library Activities in B&H



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Lemeš, S. (2019). Standardization for Information and Library Activities in B&H. BOSNIACA, 21(23), 26–32. Retrieved from


This paper gives an overview of the state of standardization in the field of information and library activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the work of two technical committees of the Institute for Standardization of B&H. Informatization of the society, as described in the strategic documents from the previous decade, was realized not thanks to, but despite the support of the state. The complex political and difficult social situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina did not represent obstacles to have the number of Internet users above the global average. On an example about academic and research networks, it has been shown that we are lagging behind in the speed of Internet links, which are among the lowest in the region. IT industry, as a promising business sector, makes efforts and exerts pressure on the state to do more in the development of this activity, primarily in the education sector. Finally, a critical overview of the concept of Big Data and its application in scientific data, which make up a narrowly specialized part of the library activity, and the role of standardization in the field, is presented.  
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